September 12, 2009

Last winter saw a bald eagle in a tree in my yard along the Lake Erie bank, was a sunday morning..... It was watching out over the frozen lake....
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candle holders

Red oak turkey box call with matching candle holders...display your call year round, candle holders are $35.00 a pair  we'll have a link soon to our hunting stuff.
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Conneaut Creek, PA, United States
I started making turkey box calls about 8 years ago when I needed a hobby; I was a Vol. Firefighter/EMT for 22 years and Capt. the last 12. I never had time for a hobby then, I guess firefighting was my hobby and getting time to bowhunt back then was cherished. I took woodshop in school with the same teacher all 6 yrs. and I learned a lot from him, that started my passion for woodworking. Anyway, needing a hobby I combined my two passions; woodworking and the outdoors..being an NWTF member..what was better than turkey calls, and later hunting stuff; it was the natural thing to do. I recently took up fly fishing and made a few friends that needed some woodworking done for them so now I make fishing related stuff too.